Vila Real, Portugal

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agglomeration: 51,850
city: 27,735

Land area

379 km2

Population density

137 inhabitants/km2

The municipality of Vila Real is the capital of the homonymous district and the main metropolis of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro (TMAD) region. Besides the regional political and administrative importance, Vila Real is also relevant by its geographical location, approximately in the centre of the North Region of Portugal. This middle position between the Portuguese coast and the border with two Spanish autonomous regions (Galicia and Castilla y León), associated with the construction of structural roads (A4 and A24), have contributed to strengthen its role in the regional urban system and favoured the process of economic development based on industry and services. The University of Tras-os-Montes based in Vila Real is an important hub for the city and the region.
In the context of transport, accessibility and mobility policies of the Vila Real municipality, it is currently under construction the future Bus Terminal, an important infrastructure long desired by the municipality.

Modal Split

Year 2011

Survey method:

Census 2011, General census of the portuguese population – main mode of transport of journeys for work and school, INE



Population (2011)



Contact person for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

Joaquim Magalhães

Email: ptjotamcm-vilareal
City website:
Political representative: Adriano Sousa , Deputy Mayor

Status of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

The “Sustainable Mobility Plan of Urban Axis Vila Real, Peso da Régua and Lamego and surrounding areas” (PMEIXO) is under development. 
PMEIXO is intended as a guidance tool for urban policy in the municipalities of Lamego, Peso da Régua and Vila Real, to be used as support of decision on matters related to the process of consolidation, renewal and control of urban sprawl. Overall, PMEIXO is an instrument that establishes the overall intervention strategy for the organization of accessibility and mobility management, defining a set of actions and measures to contribute to the implementation and promotion of a more sustainable mobility model compatible with economic development, inducing greater social cohesion and oriented to the protection of the environment and energy efficiency.
The municipality of Vila Real is developing a Global Action Plan for the city in terms of mobility. The aim of this plan is to define an intervention strategy for the urban road network, pedestrian space and public space, in general.
In 2015, the municipality intends to promote the creation of the Municipal Strategic Plan, with the contributions of all local actors, establishing broad priorities for Vila Real.

The 2nd Endurance workshop took place in Vila Real on the 19th of November, with close cooperation with the city of Vila Real and the Intermunicipal Community of Douro.

Under the Portugal 2020 framework, Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Plans are being developed for all the Intermunicipal Communities (NUT III). Vila Real is integrated in the Douro Action Plan.

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