Genoa, Italy

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agglomeration: 800,709
city: 596,958

Land area

240 km2

Population density

2483 inhabitants/km2

The Genoa is spread over an area of about 240 square kilometers and it is characterized by a very articulated and differentiated structure, with a number of local centrality which act as attraction poles of mobility demand. In this area lives about 600,000 inhabitants, 27% of them are over 65 years old. The orographic constraints of the territory, the population density equal to 2439.45 inhabitants/ square km and some "accelerations" in the urban development have produced a system of infrastructure (roads and parking areas) that are partly inadequate and above all uneven. The road network is spread to 1406 km with an average width of 7 meters.

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Year 2001


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Population (2001)


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Contact person for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

Francesco Pellegrino

Telephone: 0039 010 5577030
Email: genova.itdirezionemobilitacomune
City website:
Political representative: Annamaria Dagnino, Councillor for Mobility, Logistic and Public Transport

Participation in previous and current EU transport related projects

  • Civinet (Civitas City Networks) (2009 - 2013)   (show/hide more information)
    The project has the purpose to create national networks for the promotion of the sustainable mobility culture
  • Democritos (2009 - 2011)   (show/hide more information)
    This project, addressed mainly to the municipalities, concerns the accreditation and the completion of all the related services for the historic centers and tourist areas, known as \
  • 3i plus (ITS platform for intermodal interregional mobile-information) (2011 - 2014)   (show/hide more information)
    This project is related to the extension of Wi-Fi service on the tourist areas of major transit and on the areas currently held to the stop of bikesharing service
  • LOSE (movement and assurance of dangerous goods) (2012 - 2015)   (show/hide more information)
    The project is focused on the traceability of dangerous goods in the urban context and it contemplates, as operations end, the use of the data collected to implement the functionality of traking and alarm at the Automated Operations Centre of the Municipality of Genoa
  • MOVEUS (2013 - 2016)   (show/hide more information)
    The project’s aim is the development of a management platform cloud-based characterized by high-analytics performance. The purpose is to provide dedicated services to the user that encourage sustainable mobility also through applications for personal multimodal mobility intended for individual electronic devices (eg. Smartphone)
  • ELECTRA (Electric City Transport) (2013 - 2015)   (show/hide more information)
    On the one hand, the project’s aim is to to promote the use of electric scooters through a system of incentives promoted by the local administration in relation to demand, supply and system structure and, on the other hand, it is the signing of agreements between the various stakeholders concerned
  • Eurocities
  • CIVITAS Forum Network
  • CIVINET Italia

Status of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

In 2010 the local administration of Genoa approved the Urban Mobility Plan and, in 2012, approved its first update (with DCC 28/2012). In the next update will be increased emphasis on communication campaign.

You can see some simple information on PUM of Genova in the following link:
and you can dowload the PUM in the following link

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