Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

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agglomeration: 51,729
city: 48,846

Land area

256 km2

Population density

203 inhabitants/km2

The Municipality of Caldas da Rainha is located in the district of Leiria, in the Central Region of Portugal, integarting the Sub -region of West, 90 km North of Lisbon. Is part of the West Landscape Unit, marked by influence of the sea, the wavy relief, with a mainly agricultural landscape.
The existence of old SPA and thermal hospital is of great importance to the city, as long as the singular ceramics from the social critic and political artist Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro.
In the last decades, the population as known a slight growth in the last years, which was coincident with a more intensive use of individual transport at the expense of public transport.

Modal Split

Year 2011

Survey method:

General Census of the Portuguese Population



Population (2011)



Contact person for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

Hugo Patricio Oliveira

Telephone: +351 262 240 000
Email: ptgav.hugooliveiracm-caldas-rainha
City website:
Political representative: Hugo Patricio Oliveira , Vice Mayor

Status of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

The Urban Mobility Plan of the Municipality of Caldas da Rainha is under review. Finding sustainable mobility solutions  to solve problems related to motorized traffic, parking and public transport, taking into account  the promotion of soft modes (including walking and cycling), that enable the adoption of more friendly mobility management policies, is of major importance to the municipality.
In this context, an objective of Plan's review is the development of a strategic and operational document to be used as an instrument, to enhance the relationship between interfaces and different modes of transport for the implementation of an integrated mobility scheme with minimum costs, allowing the reduction of car's use and simultaneously ensuring proper mobility of people, promoting social inclusion, competitiveness, quality of urban life and the preservation of historic, built and environmental heritage.
Under the Portugal 2020 framework, Sustainable Mobility Action Plans are being developed for all the Intermunicipal Communities (NUT III). Caldas da Rainha is integrated in the Oeste Intermunicipal Community Action Plan.

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