Bauska, Latvia

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city: 25,613

Land area

787 km2

Population density

31 inhabitants/km2

The Bauska County is located in the central part of Latvia and Zemgale Region, it borders with the Republic of Lithuania and the counties of Iecava, Vecumnieki, Rundāle, Jelgava and Ozolnieki. The administrative center of the county Bauska town, is situated 68 km from Riga, 62 km from Jelgava and 19 km from the Latvia-Lithuania border. The vision of Bauska county is to become a rich county in the center of Zemgale Region which is an attractive place for people to live and work. Improved mobility and traffic safety is one of the mid term priorities. It is foreseen to develop bike lane network and to improve walkways.

Modal Split

Year 2015




Contact person for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

Ilze Tijone

Telephone: +371 63922233
Email: lvilze.tijonebauska
City website:
Political representative: Raitis Ābelnieks , Chairmen of Bauska County Council

Status of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Many inhabitants of Bauska make work trips to Riga every day using ether public transport or a car. Route E 67 Via Baltica (main road A7 Riga – Bauska – border of Lithuania) runs through Bauska and ensures the flow of people and goods in the directions of Riga and Lithuania. There is also an interchange with international and inter-urban traffic in West – East direction (Russia – Daugavpils – Aizkraukle – Bauska – Eleja, Dobele, Liepaja). 1.8 million vehicles a year cross Bauska and Bauska county, not counting local traffic and shuttle traffic to Riga. Constructing a bypass would help to divert transit traffic from the city center and improve traffic safety.

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