22nd ECOMM 2018

Interested in hosting the  ECOMM 2018?
If you are interested in hosting the ECOMM in 2017, please have a look at the selection criteria to host an ECOMM.
Note: these criteria will be slightly updated by October 2016

Please send an email to info@epomm.eu expressing your sincere interest and your full contact details until
14 October 2016. We will then contact you and advise you on details and about possible competing bids. You then still have time until
7 November 2016 to submit a full bid or to modify an already existing bid.

The EPOMM-Board plans to decide on the ECOMM 2018 begin December 2016.

You can find further information on this in the following documents:

  • Blueprint for the ECOMM: download update August 2016 here
    Note: this blueprint will be updated in July2017
  • Successful Candidature 2010 Graz here
  • Successful Candidature 2011 Toulouse here
  • Successfull Candidature 2012 Frankfurt here
  • Successfull Candidature 2013 Gävle here
  • Successful Candidature 2014 Utrecht here
  • Successful Candidature 2015 Athens here


The next ECOMM in 2017 will be in Maastricht, The Netherlands.