Why use MaxEva

  • You compile your evaluation data in a systematic and standardised way.
  • You get to know what you need to measure.
  • MaxEva guides you through the process of using MaxSumo.
  • MaxEva provides you with an easy and quick overview over the results of your project.
  • MaxEva calculates the environmental effects of your project.
  • You can use MaxEva as a benchmarking tool and compare similar projects and their achievements.
  • You are able to determine what effects you can expect from specific Mobility Management measures.
  • MaxEva helps you to identify key performance indicators and pitfalls - which can help decision-makers prioritise their investments in Mobility Management.

Who can use MaxEva

MaxEva is a tool for you as a practitioner within the field of Mobility Management. You can be a local mobility manager, a city or transport planner or a consultant working for these organisations. You can also work with Mobility Management in companies, schools, housing projects or any other traffic generating locations.

Furthermore, the data in MaxEva can function as a resource for you as a researcher at universities and other research institutions.