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Dear reader,

Our website received a major makeover. Among many innovations, we provide a new training section with a training database and the EPOMM training quality label. This e-update is therefore on mobility management training - referring in some parts to our new website. The website now provides better access to our various tools and services and has a more user friendly navigation.

To spread the practice of mobility management, good education and training is indispensable. There is a rich MM training offer in Europe. However, this offer is often exceedingly difficult to find, and so the various trainings have difficulty in finding an audience. EPOMM aims to bring offer and demand together - we think that the training database and the quality label will simplify your search for a qualitative MM training, and we hope that training providers will make use of our database. Our NFPs can deliver the audience.

Important note: Early bird fee for ECOMM is open until 24 April! Register now!



Looking for a qualitative training?

EPOMM introduced the EPOMM Quality Label for MM trainings. Trainings with this label comply with a set of minimal requirements for trainings. The EPOMM website displays an overview of the trainings that have already received the EPOMM Quality Label. For each of the trainings you can find information on the speaker, the content, the target group and the evaluation results of previous trainings. EPOMM wants to act as a broker for mobility management trainings. We will help you to find that MM training you were always looking for.

The quality label is linked to the EPOMM training database. This database is freely accessible, allowing you to upload and publicly promote upcoming sessions. It also contains a closed section which is only accessible to trainers and trainees. Projects with the EPOMM Quality Label are treated preferentially. To apply for the Quality Label and have access to the training database, fill in the application form. More information on the requirements of the Quality Label can be found on the EPOMM website.



MM training at EU-level


TRANSPORT LEARNING: a comprehensive training package

TRANSPORT LEARNING is an IEE-project focusing on training on sustainable mobility. It offers two-day training programmes on eight different MM themes for local authorities and energy agencies in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain. All 64 trainings are given by international experts, with simultaneous translation in the respective country's mother tongue. All trainings and registration possibilities are accessible in the EPOMM training database. Trainings start in May 2012 and will continue until April 2013. If you want to stay updated subscribe to the TRANSPORT LEARNING Training News.

Training for immigrants

TOGETHER on the move develops sustainable transport training for immigrants. For each of five training modules teaching materials and didactic tools will be developed. Immigrant institutions and associations, both in the field of formal and non-formal education, will be encouraged and trained to implement the courses. Once the materials are ready, they will be made available on the EPOMM training database.

Everything you need to know about SUMP

A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) is not part of MM, but a good SUMP cannot do without MM measures. ELTISplus offers awareness raising events for national multipliers, technical training seminars and experience exchange events for local planners and implementers. These training events are offered in 31 European countries and are held in the respective national language. For further information contact Rupprecht Consult. We also aim to make them available on the EPOMM website.

Training as part of the project

Many European projects have training as part of their activities, but unfortunately most market it on their own, and not on a joint platform. The EPOMM training database now offers this free service so please do get in contact and allow us to do your marketing! The following links give an idea of the sort of relevant EU project-led training:
  • PIMMS TRANSFER offered 5 day master classes
  • PRO.MOTION had an E-campus, with materials on many topics.
  • BAMBINI offers workshops on sustainable travel with small children for midwives, kindergarten teachers and other professionals working with parents of small children.
  • AENEAS offered two training toolkits on older public transport passengers.
There are also the platforms that bundle training offers:



Virtual learning

The digital revolution not only allows new and flexible ways of working (see previous e-update on the new way of working ), it also offers great opportunities for flexible and long distance education and training.

Online courses
Some universities offer online courses on MM. For example, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Spain organises on-line trainings on City and Urban Planning Management. In the UK, The Open University has four online courses, meant to improve the skills of professionals in travel planning.

A webinar is a Web-based seminar allowing a trainer to reach a large public without participants having to travel. Participants see and hear the speaker live and can ask their questions via their own microphone or via a chat function. The webinar recording can be made available on any website, allowing other people to replay the training later on (read more on How to organize and host a Webinar).

Webinars have been proposed by different stakeholders , for example



A spectrum of training possibilities in Europe

Universities, public bodies, specialised training institutes and NGOs offer training, courses and workshops on MM and sustainable mobility.

Some universities offer Masters degrees for students, (e.g. Loughborough University (UK), Universiteit Hasselt (BE), NHTV Breda (NL), Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (ES), ...). Some academic institutions also organise courses for professionals, often in cooperation with external partners from the public or private sector. For instance, the Mobility Management Academy in Rotterdam, organises regularly an eight day masterclass on MM dealing with mobility and transport policy. In Spain, colleges of civil engineers (e.g. Caminos Madrid, Camins.cat) open their courses on sustainable urban mobility plans for local authorities and energy agencies.

The Italian National Focal Point Euromobility since ten years organises three-day courses on MM, three times a year. They are for regional and company mobility managers and sustainable mobility professionals. Besides mobility, the courses are also on environmental impact, alternative mobility systems and best practise.

Within the context of the klima:active mobil initiative, the Austrian Ministry of Environment organises green mobility trainings: eco-driving trainings for driving teachers, 'Fit for e-bike' and e-bike technician courses, and a training for youth mobility coaches (in German). Since 2008 about 20.000 professional drivers and 300.000 novice drivers have participated in an Ecodriving programme. In 2011, the first 20 youth mobility coaches of Europe were trained. In a 5-day course they acquired mobility expertise, coaching and moderating skills to make young people aware of alternative mobility options.

The French Ministry of Transport and Environment also offers eco-driving courses, both via e-training and via train-the-trainer sessions. In 2010 about 2.000 civil servants were trained by 150 educated eco-driving trainers. Last year's objective was to train all professional drivers of the French administrations. The Ministry created l'Institut de Formation de l'Environnement, a training institute that offers trainings on mobility plans in cooperation with CERTU. Within the programme PRO'MOBILITÉ, aiming to develop a network on mobility plans in the Region Ile-de-France, a whole week of training on MM and mobility plans was organised in 2011. The French CNFPT, The National Centre for the Management of Territorial Service, organises training on a variety of MM issues (school mobility, mobility plans, car sharing, .) for local authorities.

The British association ACT Travelwise, probably the biggest MM training organiser in Europe, offers trainings on a variety of MM topics, ranging from travel plans to marketing and surveys, targeted at a diverse public (local authorities, transport operators, universities, charities, .). Upcoming trainings can be found on their website.

The EPOMM training database aims to provide a good overview of this rich MM training offer.



Upcoming events

  • ECOMM 2012
    12 - 15 June 2012 - Frankfurt, Germany - early bird fee until 24 April!
    more information

  • BYPAD Beginner's training
    2 - 4 July 2012 - Graz, Austria
    more information

For more events, please visit the EPOMM Calendar.


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