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Dear reader,
the 13th ECOMM lies behind us. In this e-update we will provide you with information about the highlights of this event. Donostia-San Sebastián is situated in a fantastic location in the Basque country and most of the people found San Sebastian an excellent location for this ECOMM. Have a look at the excellent pictures taken during the conference here (link will be active until end June).


ECOMM Donostia – San Sebastian 2009


The city Donostia – San Sebastian hosted the ECOMM 2009. The main themes for European Conference for Mobility Management were Evaluation and Cost benefits. With more than 400 delegates it was the best attended ECOMM ever. The delegates attended sessions, workshops, plenary sessions and technical visits in San Sebastian and the nearby City of Bilbao.

Over 60 speakers have been allocated to 28 parallel sessions and interactive workshops to share practical experiences on all aspects of Mobility Management, including:

  • Evaluation and Cost Benefit
  • Urban Planning
  • Winning back public spaces / Local Access
  • The Renaissance of Cycling
  • Health
  • Leisure / Tourism


Where to find everything on the ECOMM 2009

All presentations have been compressed or converted to be under 5 MB for easy download. In some sessions there were no presentations - as these sessions had a different character. Please find all presentations of the ECOMM 2009 here. The pictures – taken at the conference by QUINTAS – are published on a separate website (the link will be active until end June).

We recommend a few highlights:


The next ECOMM will take place in Graz ‘Moving people, bridging spaces’

The ECOMM 2010 will take place in Graz, Austria. The city is World Heritage City since 1999 and was the European Cultural Capital City in 2003. Graz is an advanced Mobility Management city: first pedestrian zone in 1970, city focused on tram, the first city with a speed limit 30 on ALL non priority roads since 1992 and the first Austrian mobility center since 1997.
The conference will be a unique cooperation between the Austrian Federal Ministry for environment, the Regional Styrian Government, Department for Transport and the City of Graz.

Topics in Graz will be:

  • Mobility Management in historical city centers
  • Mobility Management for new districts
  • Cross linking of districts and regions
  • Mobility Management for all generations and genders
  • New forms of Mobility Management

Find more about the application of Graz here.


EPOMM award

The Pan European Workplace Travel Plan Award 2009 was again sponsored by EPOMM and the COMMERCE project. The winners have been awarded in 3 different categories:

  • Public Authorities (Winner: West Trans Travel Plans)
  • Employers (Winner: Traffic And Public Transport Authority / Göteborg)
  • Networks (Winner: Aéroport International De Genève)

In addition, the jury decided to award the Romanian company SIVECO with a special price for its state-of-the-art approach and promising initial results. Find more information on the winners and shortlisted candidates on the EPOMM website.


ELTIS award

The ELTIS award for the best submitted papers was handed-over for the first time at this years’ ECOMM. The winners in the 2 categories are:

Best English paper: Long term effects of health cyclist in the county council of Uppsala, Sweden by Malin Gibrand and Pernilla Hyllenius

Best Spanisch paper: Methodology for evaluation of urban mobility plans by Paloma Sánchez-Contador Escudero


Finnish delegation

The delegation from Finland was - after the Spanish of course - the largest this year. This was because the ECOMM-visit was a part of a training programme on mobility issues and amongst them also mobility management. More than 30 people participated in the programme and thus attended and enjoyed the conference.
We think this was an excellent idea and hope that other training programmes copy this in the future.


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