New Challenges for our cities
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Dear Reader,

The European Conference on Mobility Management will next year be hosted by the city of Frankfurt and organised by the local transport organisation TraffiQ. The Call for Papers is now open, the submission deadline for abstracts has been extended to 14 November 2011.
Please download the abstract template and the further information on topics and formats. Preregistration is open.


New Challenges for our cities

ECOMM is looking for contributions on the new challenges for our cities. These are:

  • E-mobility
    ECOMM will look at the important connection between e-mobility and mobility management, and how can cities can make the most of both.

  • Mobility Management as a regional factor
    Cities can have challenging roles within their regions, often as centres of a large metropolises. The successful implementation of mobility management programmes depend on strong cooperation amongst the regional actors. How can MM facilitate and improve inter-regional cooperation?

  • Awareness and Lifestyle
    Cities contain constantly changing lifestyle groups - in some of them, a trend away from the car can be discerned. ECOMM is looking for mobility management concepts that show how we can we engage these different groups - decision makers, the business community, the younger generation?

  • Socio demographic changes - migrants and an ageing population
    How does MM react to these changes? How does MM address these new target groups? Can MM support the integration of migrants?

  • Regeneration of Cities
    Many cities are in a process of re-urbanisation, regeneration and aim for making more attractive urban spaces and streets, especially in inner cities

As all ECOMMs before, the 16th ECOMM welcomes Experiences from Cooperation in European projects and aims to provide a special forum for them.
This ECOMM is also a continuation of the German conference on mobility management (DECOMM), that took place for the first time in 2011 - and is especially inviting contributions from small and medium sized cities.



Continuation of the new session formats

Frankfurt fully supports the innovations of the last ECOMM. There will be a lot of room for the very popular "Pecha Kucha" sessions. Pecha Kucha, trainings and interactive workshops will partly replace traditional Powerpoint®-presentations. There will also be a "Meet the Germans" session, in the form of a highly enjoyable speed-networking event - with the possibility of getting to know dozens of local initiatives in a very short time. And of course Frankfurt will offer the possibility to get to know local MM developments - such as the mobility centre, bikesharing, innovative land use planning concepts and how traffic and mobility management work in one of the most important European transport hubs.
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