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Dear reader,

EPOMM is proud to announce the launch of the ENDURANCE project. No less than 30 project partners will build up 25 national networks and an overarching European network organisation on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans  (SUMPs). EPOMM is the coordinator of ENDURANCE, and will support ENDURANCE with its existing structures, such as website, workshops, networking tools, policy exchange support and its e-update. ENDURANCE will address 250 cities, offer training,  raise awareness and foster exchange. The project  is called ENDURANCE as it aims to build an enduring network structure that will last well beyond the end of the project.


The benefits of ENDURANCE on the national level

ENDURANCE is represented by partners in 25 countries – these partners are the National Focal Points (NFP). In most of these countries, the ENDURANCE partners already are at the core of a network – for example for mobility management, for mobility research and training, for developing policy, for supporting cities. In some countries, an entirely new network will be created. The networks are to be expanded to cover SUMP and will be developed into a forum for training, exchange, policy coordination, learning from each other and from experience in other countries. Each NFP will organise one national SUMP meeting per year. These meetings will be a forum for cities, professionals, auditors for mutual learning and exchange opportunities. One aim of the network is to achieve or improve national legislation that supports SUMP, another to achieve continuity of the network beyond the end of the project – to become a permanent structure supporting SUMP development.

The benefits of ENDURANCE for cities

Each ENDURANCE-NFP has the task to address 5, 10 or 20 cities (depending on the size of the country). Thus over 300 cities will be approached, the aim is to have 250 of these cities active in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning by 2016, when ENDURANCE as a project will end. The ENDURANCE partners will offer training, meeting, learning and national and international exchange opportunities for cities – as well as know-how and access to auditors and other experts. The EPOMM/ENDURANCE website will offer almost instant access to the major players in each country and city and to information about the the level of SUMP-activity in a country and city. This will happen through enhancement of the TEMS-database and the EPOMM country-pages with these informations on SUMP.

In this way, it will be easy to find and connect with other similar cities that have similar problems and transferable, appropriate solutions.


The benefits of ENDURANCE on the European level

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ENDURANCE plans to cooperate closely with the many other European projects that are working at SUMP, such as ADVANCE, BUMP, CH4LLENGE, POLYSUMP, PUMAS and QUEST . None of these projects has the EU-wide coverage of ENDURANCE, and so ENDURANCE will offer its structures and network to be used for training, exchange, dissemination and contacts – we thus hope to support the network development. We also aim to cooperate with platforms like Do the right mix or the SUMP-part of Eltis http://mobilityplans.eu/ . ENDURANCE will organise a yearly SUMP conference, possibly in cooperation with some of these projects and platforms. SUMP will also feature prominently on the ECOMM networks EUROCITIES, POLIS and ICLEI-Europe are partners in ENDURANCE and actively support the networking and take care about an active presence of ENDURANCE on the European level.

ENDURANCE is a project that is co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union –  these institutions will also support ENDURANCE so that the networking on the European level is of a high standard.




Why is EPOMM taking such an active involvement in ENDURANCE and in SUMP? There are several reasons:The SUMP theme is currently at the forefront of innovation in transport and a major factor for supporting mobility management – see for example the DG MOVE presentation  at the ECOMM 2013
  • as the leading European network on mobility management, EPOMM is well-placed to promote SUMP – it already IS a network and does not have to be build from scratch. Furthermore, EPOMM can assure that the network will endure beyond the end of the ENDURANCE project.
  • Mobility management itself is an important component of a SUMP, and just as SUMP, MM supports:
    • a participatory approach;
    • sustainability to foster economic development, social equity and environmental quality;
    • the integration of policy sectors;
    • clear, measurable objectives and clear evaluation plans;
    • value for money
  • The general aims of EPOMM and the MM-community are thus not contradictory to SUMP
  • So when the  Intelligent Energy Europe call 2012 asked to “assist cities and regions with developing SUMPs by facilitating networking, mutual learning and sharing of experience and best practise across countries”, EPOMM took the lead, built up the consortium and submitted the proposal – which in the end was successful.

Thus all 11 countries of EPOMM are represented with partners in ENDURANCE and EPOMM aims to establish the new SUMP network structure to serve the SUMP community, while maintaining the support for the MM community.

To sum it up: Mobility Management and SUMP mutually inforce each other, and EPOMM and ENDURANCE will also mutually inforce each other.



Upcoming ENDURANCE activities

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ENDURANCE  is currently in the startup phase – making inventories, setting up roadmaps for network developments, preparing the website. All partners will meet in Mid October for a large exchange and training workshop. The ENDURANCE website will be available by end October and will be closely connected to the EPOMM-website.
From now on, every third EPOMM e-update will be an ENDURANCE e-update covering SUMP issues – it will be produced by the same team that produces the EPOMM e-updates. We are looking forward to an interesting expansion of activities supporting your work.



Useful details on SUMP

Source: http://mobilityplans.eu

The official SUMP website from IEE: mobilityplans.eu provides a very useful overview over Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans:


Upcoming events

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