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Dear reader,
After three years, the MAX-research project has finalised its work. During the work, a close cooperation with EPOMM developed – resulting in a series of joint newsletters like this one, a joint final conference and now the brand-new MM-tools section on the EPOMM-website. The EPOMM-Board has decided to take up and disseminate the products developed by MAX as one central part of the coming EPOMM-work.
This newsletter is dedicated to lead you through the major results.
At the same time, the call for papers for the next ECOMM has opened – therefore we start with this announcement.


ECOMM 2010 in Graz: call for papers and award submissions

The European Conference for Mobility Management ECOMM 2010 takes place in the beautiful city of Graz in Austria from 5 to 7 May 2010. The new website has just gone online. The call for papers is open until 13 December 2009 - download the forms here.

For the third time, the ECOMM will host the award-ceremony for the Pan European Workplace Mobility Plan awards. The awards come with an attractive prize - you can find everything on how to apply for an award here.


MAXimise mobility management

MAX ran from 2006 to 2009 and was a so called “integrated project” for advancing knowledge on innovative measures in urban transport, which was co-funded by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.
MAX was the largest research project on Mobility Management and served to extend, standardise and improve Mobility Management – it did so in the fields of quality management, campaigns, evaluation, modelling and land use planning.
In these fields, MAX produced new research results – but also a whole array of tools. This e-update aims to give you a quick overview of both.
For a more in-depth overview, please download the Max-Brochure, available in 15 languages:
EN - CZ - DE - EE - ES - FR - GR - IT - LT - NL - PL - PT - SE - SI


Tools to help you in all phases of Mobility Management

MAX has developed 7 major tools to help you in mobility management:

  • MaxExplorer to start with Mobility Management:
    It defines, describes and helps to choose the right measures for your MM projects.
  • MaxQ for Quality in Mobility Management:
    Is is a system to organise, assure quality and systematically improve MM
  • MaxTag to make the best Travel Awareness Campaigns:
    Campaigns are an important component of MM – MAX shows how to make them effective
  • MaxLupo to integrate Land Use Planning and Mobility Management:
    The potential of MM is even greater when it is integrated with Land Use Planning: MAX has developed guidelines on how to do this
  • MaxSumo to plan, monitor and evaluate:
    The MaxSumo-tool aims to standardise evaluation at the European level and should help you in planning, monitoring and evaluating your Mobility Management Projects
  • MaxEva to build up knowledge:
    MaxEva is in many ways MaxSumo on the web. The more that MaxEva is used, the more MM results there will be to compare and use in planning new projects.
  • MaxSem a new model for behaviour change
    MaxSem is a modelling tool that allows you to understand the behaviour change process and to segment your target group accordingly.

All these links lead to the new MM-tools section of the EPOMM-website. Please have a look, and take the first steps to try out the tools and to improve your mobility management projects and measures.


The research

MAX-structure, click to enlarge

MAX was a so-called integrated project that covered and integrated four research areas:

  • WP A researched the success factors of Travel Awareness Campaigns and developed MaxTag
  • WP B researched models and prediction tools for behaviour change and developed the tools MaxExplorer, MaxSumo, MaxEva and MaxSem
  • WP C researched a quality management approach for MM and developed MaxQ
  • WP D researched the integration of MM and land use planning (LUP) and developed MaxLupo

All covered several phases – at the beginning a research of the State of the Art, from this the development of a Comprehensive Research Plan with the aim of providing useful research results to build upon for the MM community and useful tools for practitioners. This flowed into a dissemination phase with the build-up of training materials, editing of translations, publications, presence on many conferences, networking and finally also the build-up of suitable website-materials.
It was also necessary to formulate a new, common definition of Mobility Management, available since 2007 on the EPOMM-website.
The research reports can be downloaded on the Max-website, directly in the download section. The final reports still need to be approved by the Commission, this is expected by the end of 2009.


The future: Networking, Training, Translations, further research

The countries of the MAX-partners, soon to be joined by others? Click to go to a list of the MAX partners

Many MAX-products have been translated into up to 14 languages – find them in the download-centre of EPOMM. More will be translated for EPOMM-member states.
EPOMM has successfully started and leads the new intelligent energy project EPOMM-PLUS. For this, new country pages are being established, on which also MAX translations will be available. In this framework, EPOMM is planning to have trainings for using the MAX-tools, some of which have already been carried out (for example MaxSumo trainings in the Netherlands and within the COMMERCE project).
EPOMM is aiming to establish a Max-User group on allinx.
The MAX/EPOMM task force has already specified the need for additional research in its Task-Force Report from April 2008, more up to date recommendations will be available here as soon as the Commission has approved of them (expected end of 2009).


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