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Dear reader,
with this e-update we send you a reminder on the call for papers for the ECOMM 2010 and for the Pan European Mobility Plan Award. And we present the new European Project EPOMM-PLUS. And – we wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


ECOMM 2010 – call for papers open until 11 January

Call for papers

The call for papers for the next European Conference on Mobility Management (ECOMM) has been extended to 11 January 2010. You can download the forms here. The main topic of the Conference is "moving people – bridging spaces", with the following subtopics:

  • Mobility Management in historical city centres
  • Mobility Management for new districts/ in urban districts undergoing redevelopment
  • Local, regional and supra-regional networking
  • Mobility for all generations - in an ageing society
  • New forms for transport and mobility

Please take a look at the detailed description of the subtopics.

The ECOMM 2010 will take place in the beautiful city of Graz in Austria. Find information on accessibility, hotels, and the city of Graz here!
To get all information on Call for Papers, Registration and Programme, you can already pre-register. For any questions on the conference, please contact
Please find more information on the topics, the conference and the call for papers on the ECOMM 2010 website!


Pan-European Workplace Mobility Plan Award (PEWTA)

The Pan-European Workplace Mobility Plan Award (PEWTA) was created to reward efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in urban areas by implementing workplace mobility plans. The PEWTA is awarded in three categories:

The prize will be an expenses paid trip to the city of your choice to learn from a pioneering public authority, organisation or network in the field of workplace mobility plans. In addition, a cash prize of 1000 Euros is offered to allow the winner to further develop their mobility plan measures.

The deadline for submission of the application form is 25 January 2010.

The presentation of this Award will take place at the award ceremony connected to the gala dinner of the ECOMM on 4th of May. The winner of the prize will be invited to present and display its experience on stage and will be highlighted in the EPOMM and COMMERCE websites.



Spring this year, wonderful news reached the EPOMM secretariat: the European Commission represented by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme has approved of the EPOMM PLUS proposal initiated by EPOMM. This means the next three years, 22 European EPOMM-PLUS partners will be working together to make EPOMM THE authority and THE networking instrument for the promotion of mobility management in the EU.
We see Mobility Management is not part of mainstream policy in most EU Member States yet, either because key decision-makers aren’t aware of the concept, or doubt its effectiveness.
EPOMM-PLUS’s goal is to change this situation and achieve a quantum leap in the use of Mobility Management in Europe!
In order to achieve this, EPOMM-PLUS aims to both transfer existing good practice and support existing local pioneers by developing national networks. This will be reached by:

Click on the map to enlarge National Networks
EPOMM-PLUS is represented in 22 EU-countries. The partners in each country work on building up national networks on MM and with that, also to achieve EPOMM-membership of their countries. The target is to have 20 EPOMM-member countries by the end of the EPOMM-PLUS project in 2012. Click on the map on the right to see which countries are represented.

Workshops and trainings
Over 60 national and European workshops on MM will be held, customised to fit the needs of the various countries, whith the aim of spreading MM and exchange MM best practices throughout the EU.

Connecting European projects on MM
EPOMM-PLUS will network with all ongoing European funded Mobility Management projects, so they do not work in isolation and can better disseminate and exchange their work and their results – both from project to project as from the projects to the national level. We aim to achieve the direct application of EU-project results on national, regional and local level.

Until now, almost all EPOMM-work was in the English language. With EPOMM-PLUS, certain website sections will be translated in 19 EU-languages in order to make MM information easier accessible. A large part of the workshops will also be in the national language. EPOMM-PLUS will provide online access to most non-english MM materials from European projects. In some cases, EPOMM will directly translate documents.

Analyse and monitor policies
All 22 network partners plus some five additional countries will deliver a yearly Mobility Management Monitor, reporting on the status and development of MM in that country. The first of these monitors will be published beginning of the next year. With the help of these, EPOMM-PLUS will work on the direct transfer of successful MM policies from country to country.

Raising awareness on the European level
With EPOMM–PLUS, EPOMM can be more active in raising awareness in European institutions like the Parliament and the Commission. A first step was a reception in the European Parliament hosted by Brian Simpson, MEP, chair of the Transport Committee in the European Parliament, with speeches from Magda Kopczynska - Head of Unit, Clean and Urban Transport DG TREN and from the EPOMM President Neil Scales. See a brief report on this here.

As you can see, EPOMM-PLUS has large ambitions and a very motivated team behind it to put these ambitions into practise!


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